French AngelFish


French Angel Fish

French AngelFish

The French angelfish is common in shallow reefs, occurs usually in pairs often near sea fans. This species is not overly aggressive, but can be somewhat rowdy in certain venues. The jaws of Angelfish are adapted to the sponges and have become protracted and have the ability to eat sponge pieces, by secreting a thick coating of mucous on them.

The lifespan of French Angelfish is 10-15 years. Angelfish is a cold-blooded fish and the metabolism of Angelfish is controlled by the varying temperature. At high temperatures, the metabolism is high that results in the lowering of the lifespan of the Angelfish. Accordingly, the life span of Angelfish is dependent on the temperature of water they live in.

Kingfishers of all three families beat their prey to death, either by whipping it against a tree or by dropping it on a stone. French AngelFish is able to see well both in air and under water. To do this, their eyes have evolved an egg-shaped lens able to focus in the two different environments.

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