Rabbit and the Tortoise

Rabbit and the Tortoise

Rabbit and the Tortoise

One day Rabbit said to the Tortoise, “What a slow and heavy creature you are! I am sure I can defeat you in a race.” 

“I am slow and heavy, it is true, and yet I will run a race with you,” replied the tortoise.

Some other animals present agreed to judge the race and soon it was flagged off. The rabbit was excited. It knew that it was as swift as the wind. It would surely win. With a song in its heart it ran and and it ran, till it reached the mid-point of the racecourse. I have got plenty of time, it thought. ‘ The tortoise is far behind.’ And so it lay down to take a nap.

Meanwhile the tortoise trudged along and passed the sleeping rabbit and finally reached the winning post. Other animals declared Tortoise the winner. Later when rabbit woke up, it ran like anything. But, when rabbit reached the winning line, he found that Tortoise had already won the race. 

Moral of the Rabbit and the Tortoise story : Slow and Steady wins the race.

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