Discontented Dog

The Discontented Dog

The Discontented Dog A dog had just finished its lunch and was lazing in the garden, when it saw a cat on top of a high wall, "It must feel so…

Honest Woodcutter

Honest Woodcutter

Honest Woodcutter A poor woodcutter accidentally dropped his axe into a river. He was very upset because he had no money to buy another axe. As he…

Aladdin and Magic Lamp_1

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp

ALADDIN AND THE MAGIC LAMP Aladdin was the son of Mustapha, a poor tailor. He was a lazy boy and played all day long. After his father died, his…

Snow White

Snow white

SNOW WHITE Once upon a time a queen had a baby girl. Her skin was as white as snow. The queen named her Snow White. A few years later, the queen…

Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel

HANSEL AND GRETEL Hansel and Gretel lived in a small house near a large wood. Their father was a poor woodcutter. Their mother died and their father…

Sleeping Beauty_1

Sleeping Beauty

SLEEPING BEAUTY In a faraway land there lived a king and queen. They had a grand palace and loving objects. But, they had no children. They longed…



PINOCCHIO Geppetto was a carpenter who made wooden toys for the children of his village. One day, he made a wooden puppet. As soon as he had…



RAPUNZEL Once upon a time there lived a man and his wife. They were going to have a baby after a long time. This made them very happy. Next door to…

Clever Deer

Clever Deer

Clever Deer Once upon a time, there was a river that flowed through a deep forest. On one bank of the river, there lived a handsome and clever deer.…

The Frogs want a ruler

Frogs Want a Ruler

Frogs Want a Ruler A long time ago there lived some frogs in a pond. All the time they argued with each other and so they wanted a ruler who would…

A Horse and a stag

A Horse and a Stag

A Horse and a Stag A wild horse was grazing on a grassland which it had all to itself. After a while it saw a stag come and nibble on the same…

The Two Buckets

The Two Buckets

The Two Buckets The Two Buckets, tired after a day's work, sat down to rest. One of the buckets was always grumbling. It never looked to life…

Boot in the jungle_1

Boot In The Jungle

The Boot in the Jungle Deep in the jungle where no man went, there lived many a wild beast. One day they came across a strange object. It was a…

The Enormous Turnip3

The Enormous Turnip

The Enormous Turnip The old farmer cleared his garden one day and sowed some turnip seeds. And soon, there were lots of turnips in the…


Recipe for a Successful Student Life

Recipe for a Successful Student Life To Learn recipe for a successful student life is very simple. Just follow the following steps. Take 750…

Fox fishing

Tit For Tat

Tit For Tat Tit for Tat is a story about Tottu the wily fox and Bily the Cat. Tottu was fishing in the river on a hot sunny day. Just then, Billy…

baby fox

A Trunk For Baby Fox

A Trunk For Baby Fox One day, Baby fox saw an elephant for the first time. He thought, "I wish I had a long trunk too!" He picked a long vine…

Tricked By Laughter

Tricked By laughter

Tricked By Laughter One day, Tiggy Tiger caught a baby fox. He carried him off to his cave in his mouth. On the way, Tiggy met father fox. He…


Mittoo and Lottoo Learn To Share

Mittoo and Lottoo were two puppies who were very close friends. One day, they went out together to look for some food.  "Wow, there's a slice of…

The Clever Monkeys

The Clever Monkeys

Two monkeys called Jittu and Nikki were good friends. They loved to play together on a hillside. One day, as they were playing, a wicked wolf came…

The Fox and the Grapes

Grapes are sour

Grapes are sour is a small story about Fox and its greed for grapes. Read it and enjoy it. Once upon a time there was a fox who was different from…


Little Girl and the Kingfisher

Little Girl and the Kingfisher Once upon a time there was a little girl called 'Tanya'. She was 7 years old. She used to remain sad because she…

The Prince Of The Super Heroes

The Prince of The Super Heroes

The Prince Of The Super Heroes Danica walked through the hall of the school on the way to class. Before she rounded the corner to Mrs. Perkins'…


Magic Angel

Magic Angel   William and Sissy were walking home from school when Sissy saw something duck behind a tree up ahead. "What's that?" she…

Birbal Makes a Journey to Heaven

Birbal’s Journey To Heaven

Birbal's Journey To Heaven Birbal was very wise and witty, and Emperor Akbar's favorite. This made the other courtiers jealous of him, and they were…


Birbal Caught the Thief

Birbal Caught The Thief Birbal's wisdom was known far a wide in the city of Agra. Often people would come to him with their problems. One day, a…

Birbal Identified the Guest

Birbal Identified the Guest

Birbal Identified the Guest Once Birbal was invited for supper by a rich man. The rich man had heard of Birbal's intelligence and he wanted to see,…

Four Fools

Four Fools

Four Fools Once Akbar asked Birbal to bring him four of the world's worst possible four fools. So the following morning, Birbal began looking for…

The Bee and the Bull

The Bee and the Bull

The Bee and The Bull There once lived a bee who was rater conceited. She was quite fussy too. One day, after a long fight, she decided to stop and…

Ant and the Grasshopper

Ant and the Grasshopper

Ant and the Grasshopper On a warm summer day a grasshopper laughed at an ant who was busy gathering and storing away food for the winter. The ant…

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