The Fox and the Crow

The Fox and the Crow

the fox and the crow

Once there was a crow. One day he found a cube of cheese. He picked up the cheese with its beak and flew to the forest. He went and sat on the branch of tree. “I will eat my cheese, now,” through the crow.

A fox was passing by. He saw the crow with the cheese. The fox was hungry. He could not climb the tree. He could not make the crow come down to the ground. he wanted to eat the crow’s cheese. He thought of a plan.

He said to himself, ” A crow is one of the proudest bird I ever known.” The fox said in the sweetest voice, “O1 My friend crow, you are king of birds. You have beautiful wings. “O! You have bright eyes. O! You have a graceful neck. Can you sing a song for me? I am sure you have a beautiful voice too.”

The crow was foolish. He felt flattered listening to the praise of the fox. He opened his mouth to sing. “Caw! Caw!” he sang. The piece of cheese fell down from his mouth.

The fox snapped it up quickly. “Hurray!” said the fox. He ate cheese and ran away.

The poor crow saw that the fox was only fooling him.

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    Thank You for the Great Story..Small Kids Homework!I really need this kinds of Story.
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