The Greedy Dog

The Greedy Dog

While roaming around one day, one day, a dog found a bone lying around. He picked it up and quickly looked around him. Finding no one there to claim the bone, he ran away with it.

He then looked for a calm and quiet place to enjoy the bone. he reached a river and began crossing it by walking over a wooden bridge. As he was crossing the bridge, he happened to look into the river and saw his own image in the water. He mistook his reflection to be another dog with a bone in his mouth.

He became greedy and wanted to snatch the other dog’s bone as well.

The Greedy DogIn order to challenge the other dog, the greedy dog barked at the image. In the process, as soon as he opened his mouth to bark, the bone in his mouth fell into the river. He tried to retrieve it but it was swept away the current bone which the was having in his mouth.

Thus the greedy dog lost even his own bone due to his greed of wanting more and trying to claim the other bone too.

Moral of the The Greedy Dog Story: Don’t be Greedy in life. Be contended with whatever you have.

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