Recipe for a Successful Student Life


Recipe for a Successful Student Life

Recipe For A Successful Student Life

To Learn recipe for a successful student life is very simple. Just follow the following steps.

Take 750 grams of knowledge, 500 grams of hard work. In a mixer, churn them well. Now to this preparation, add about 450 grams of sincerity, 300 grams of dedication and huge chunks of written work.

k4341384Blend these ingredients well for about two minutes.Pour this in a thick file and keep it aside for a day. Everyday, repeat the process and keep adding another 250 grams of revision. Condense it over the midnight oil.

Garnish it with extra material from reference books. Cut it into pieces to make main points. Serve a piece as sample to your teacher.Store the rest in an airtight brain container.

Now rest assured of a favorable response from the teacher and a sure-short score in the examinations. Recipe for a successful student life is easy to follow but one must be consistent in following this recipe for getting good results.

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