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About SmallkidsHomework

About Us

Smallkidshomework.com is owned by Clixio Computers. Clixio group is active in publishing meaningful and informative websites for web. This website was created in year 2009 and in this four year period, it has evolved into a Beautiful site for kids only with the support and wishes of all of you admirers.

Smallkidshomework website is a little effort to provide resources to Parents to complete their little kids homework by providing lots of stories, easy to learn poems and rhymes, fairy tales stories, short stories for kids, motivational stories, slogans on various topics, riddles and lots more.

Kids will also have fun playing online games. In the coloring section there is huge coloring book to keep kids engaged in meaningful activity.

We will continue to add quality content to this website. You can reach us by emailing at webadmin@smallkidshomework.com or contact us though this website.

SmallkidsHomework Team


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